< IR-X : Portable multi-biometrics (iris, fingerprint, face) & NFC card identification terminal
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Portable multi-biometrics
(iris, fingerprint, face) & NFC card identification terminal

IR-X is an Android portable industrial tablet which is integrated with 4 methods of user identity enrollment and verification: iris, fingerprint, face and NFC card. Operators can take the mobile tablets to any scenarios for usage. With a variety of human interactions available on the terminal: three-color led prompts, audio prompts, folding stand, mirror, touch screen and etc., users can complete the identity information enrollment or verification efficiently under the guidance of the operators.

IR-X is equipped with replaceable high-storage batteries, supporting 10-hours continuous operations . It can thus handle long or short period tasks of user identity information enrollment or verification in any scenarios.


- High standard industrial tablet design and manufacture, conforming to IP67 protection degree.
- Free multi-modality user enrollment and identification combinations available among iris, fingerprint, face and NFC card.
- Biometric and NFC modules meet or exceed the relevant international standards.
- High speed WIFI and 4G internet communication, supporting cloud server identification mode and other data transmission requests.
- All-in-one portable device carry, ideal solution for mobile operation scenarios.
- Instant personal information input from the NFC card to the SW on the device.
- Both operator and user′s iris, fingerprint, face and NFC card enrollment and identification enabled.
- Three-color led & audio prompts, folding stand, mirror, touch screen for friendly interactions.
- High-storage replaceable batteries embedded, supporting 10-hours continuous operation.
- Human eyes friendly, no harm caused by the infrared light.
IR-X is ideal to the scenarios where the fixed device cannot be used for identity verification purpose, such as jail informative management system (visitors system, mobile roll call system and etc.), social welfare delivery verification in remote areas, police patrol, custom clearance, examinee verification, wards regular check, bank VIP customers door-to-door visits and etc.


Working mode Stand-alone/online
Working distance 160mm-200mm
Iris recognition mode Dual/single
Precision FAR<0.00001% FRR<0.1%
Operating temperature -20 - 70 Degree
Operation prompts Voice, optical, mirror & screen guidance
Interface USB 2.0 (supports OTG), 3.5mm headphone jack, DC port
Ambient humidity 20%-80%
Ambient light intensity 0-5,000Lux
Iris image Meet the international standard ISO/IEC19794-6: 2005 (international) and GB/T 20979 (national)
Registration time ≤3S
Lighting Meet the standard of IEC/EN 62471 (international)
Recognition time <1S
Dimension ≤180mm*290mm*45mm
Weight ≤1.5kg
Touch screen 7 inch, full-view, 5 touch controls, supports operation with gloves and in rain
Protection degree IP67
Battery storage Lithium polymer battery, ≥10000mAH, fast replacement possible
ID Card standard Can be customized according to different country′s requirements.
Fingerprint module Meet the standard of ISO19794
NFC module Meet the standard of ISO14443B
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