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Dual Eyes Biometric Iris Reader for Bank Secure File Encryption Financial Integration

IR2800D is a portable Dual Eyes Biometric Iris Reader product independently developed by INJES and it can be used for acquisition and recognition of high-quality binocular iris images. With the USB2.0 interface, the product is compatible with X86 computer smoothly. In addition, its dimension is much smaller than most other binocular iris recognition USB product in the world at present. For the appearance, the full shell with impact and vibration resistance is used in IR2800D Contactless Digital Iris Scanner. The three-color (red, green and blue) LED indicator is used for optical and voice guidance, distance prompts and result feedback. With the perfect combination of the security kernel and cool appearance, the user can experience future cutting-edge technology.


.Contactless, Clean and Hygienic
.Compact size, stable and easy to carry
.High Speed, High Pass rate
.Built-in binocular iris camera
.Fast Fully Automatic Dual Iris Capture
.Three Color LED indicator for distance indication and result feedback
.Free SDK and demo source code (Delphi,VB,VC,C#)
.Customization Service for SDK for different clients
.Compatible with Windows XP/7/8/CE, Linux and Android
.Applied in bank secure,social insurance,finance, electronic payment, file encryption, identity authentication, etc.


Recognition mode Binocular/ Dual Eeys
Capture mode Non-contact
Transmission distance -<5m
Iris capture range 16cm-20cm
Verification speed  <2s
Communication USB2.0
FAR <0.000001%
FRR <1%
Mounting mode Wall-mounted or desktop
Operation prompts Voice and optical guidance
Operating Temperature -20°C-+60°C
Operating Humidity 20%- 80%
IR LED Lights Three IR LED Lights (red, green and blue)
Sensor CMOS
Iris Image Reslution 640*480
ISO / IEC Certificates ISO/IEC 19794-6 : 2005 , ANSI/IEC
Dimension 105*43*26mm
Gross Weight 0.5 KG
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