Hand Held Metal Detector

Model : UNX3303B1
เหมาะสำหรับ : การตรวจจับอาวุธ, มีด, ปืน, ของมีคม, โลหะชนิดต่างๆ ที่อาจแฝงเข้ามากับตัวบุคคล
1.Aviation ,Station , Ports
2.Customs, Public Security , Frontier Defense Department
3.Medicine , Food Commerce System
4.Critical Infrastructure , Playground Security
5.Precious Metal inspection , such as gold , silver jewelry manufacturer
1. High Sensitive
2. Simple , Convenient , No adjusting
3. 9V fell to7V , detection range is constant
4. Save electricity , continuously work more than 40 hours
5. Alarm by buzzing or vibrating
6. Automatically buzz or vibrate continuously, when the battery run out
7. Boot or shutdown , the detector will buzz or vibrate
8. Sensitivity level, high and low, two options
9. Have plug-in socket
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