Public Security X-ray Scanner
Aviation / Railway X-Ray Inspection Equipment
เครื่องสแกนกระเป๋า, สัมภาระ, พัสดุ

Model : UNX6550
เครื่องสแกนกระเป๋า-สัมภาระ สำหรับสายการบินและขนส่งสาธารณะต่างๆ
1. X-ray Tube Voltage:140kV-160kV (Adjustable)
2. X-ray detector:Linear array detector
3. Inspection Speed:0.22m/s
4. Dimensions:2270mm[L]×980mm[W]×1350mm[H]
5. Emission: Extremely low radiation dose adhering to all International Safety Standards.
6. Environment: New advanced lead curtain pressure membrane technology effectively eliminating secondary lead (Pb) pollution.
7. Power: Penetration equivalence of up to a 43mm steel plate.
8. Operation: Intuitive operator interface and media interface for quick learning and optimization of the machine.
9. Software/Imaging: Robust software platform with intuitive control interface. Clean and crisp image presentation meeting all International Standards.
10. Traceability: Cutting edge Cloud traceability functions from initial product scan to final customer acceptance ensuring full safety throughout the process.
11. Support: A full suite of customer support including; remote technical support, direct access to the Cloud, and real time monitoring of machine technical functions/operation.


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