All-in-one Mobile Enrollment Terminal
Fingerprint scanner, Smart Card Reader, Iris Scanner and MRZ Passport Reader

Product Features
The mobile enrollment terminal Versat is designed for bring the quick, accurate biometric registration process into compact size. Equipped with various high quality biometric and identity modules like dual ingerprint scanner, Iris scanner, Smart card reader, Versat can be easily applied to various project control and bring full range enrollment capability in a compact size.
Quick Detail
- Various data transfer methods 3G/4G, Wifi
- FAP45FBI certified Dual fingerprint scanner for quick biometric data capture
- Binocular iris capture module iriShild available
- Large volume long lasting replaceable battery
- Card reading support for contact/ contactless card, support CPU card reading
- Extension capability for MRZ passport reader, and signature stylus and other modules via additional interface


• CPU: ARM Cortex A53 Quad Core 1.3~1.45Ghz
• Memory : RAM 2GB FLASH ROM 16GB
• Operating Susyem : Android 5.1 LoliPop or 7.0 Nougat
• Display : 10.1” 1280x800,with touch screen
• Communication :
- Wi-Fi: 802.11 a/b/g/n
- 3G: WCDMA HSPA UMTS 2100Mhz 4G: FDD-LTE/TD-LTE supported Bluetooth: 4.0
• HD Camera : 8 Mega Pixels with Flash light, Auto Focus (Rear Camera)
• Fingerprint Reader: Watson Mini™, Dual Fingerprint scanner, FBI Appendix F Certified FAP 45, LES Technology
• Iris Scanner : Binocular Scanner, IriShield™, Capture distance 15cm, ISO Standard 19794-6 (2005 & 2011), (640 x 480 Pixels, 8 bit Grayscale), full support of K1, K2, K3, K7
• MRZ Reader (Option) : Machine-Readable Zone (OCR) for Passport and ID card reading: according ICAO 9303
• Smart card reader (Option) : ISO7816, support CPU card
• RFID reader : 13.56MHZ, ISO14443 Type A/B, Mifare, etc Contactless CPU card Supported
• SAM (Optional) : 1xSAM, ISO 7816–compliant (Class A)
• SIM Slots : 2x micro SIMs
• SD card : Micro SD, maximum=32GB
• Interface : USB, DC for charging
• Battery : 12,000mAh Li-ion Rechargeable Battery
• Power supply : D/C 5V, 1.5A
• Signature Stylus (Optional) : Active Capacitive Stylus
• Dimension : 273x239x40mm


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