6 Zones Walk Through Metal Detector

Model : UNX200A
• Security Check: For Public Place, Court, Jail, Gym, etc.
• Anti-theft: For Chemical, Mineral, Electronics, Hardware Plants, Plastic Manufacturer, etc.
• Education System: For the check of cheating tools in various national standard examinations.
1. Touch screen display: 7-inch HDMI touch LCD, easy to operate.
2. Mobile Internet: remote control by mobile App (optional).
3. Alert: alarming light, alarming sound speaker adjustable.
4. Specialized detection program: 72 standard detection programs tailor-made for various spots(with upgrading services offered).
5. Sensitivity of detection zones: each zone has 256 sensitivity level, 0-255 adjustable.
6. Detection speed: 60-150 people walk-through detection in 1 minute.
1. Multi-Zone Detection: 6 Zones
2. High sensitivity
3. High stability
4. Multi-detection zones with each featuring sensitivity-adjustable
5. Self-diagnostic when power on
6. 7-inch HDMI touch LCD
7. High strength thick door made of fireproof, corrosion-proof and quakeproof board; 8. Real-time surveillance for background interference
9. Patented materials, structural components and software copyright.
10. Weight: NW 54KG, GW 68KG 11. Dimensions:2250mm[H]×850mm[W]×500mm[T]
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