33 Zones Walk Through Metal Detector

Model : UNX330
The high-performance walk through metal detector has the following advantages: high metal detection sensitivity; high anti-interference ability; multiple detection area and each region can be set sensitivity individually; self-diagnosis program, power-on self-test; 7-inch large LCD touch Screen; high-strength materials, anti-corrosion etc .; monitor the background environment in real time.
1. Multi-zone technology: 33 detection zones, adjust sensitivity of each zone individually.
2. Touch screen:7-inch HDMI LCD touch screen,easy to operate and understand.
3. Mobile connection technology: realize mobile APP remote control(optional).
4. IP Grade: IP54 superior waterproof performance(optional)
5. Self calibration once power on.
6. Self diagnostic, it will inform the user when exit the system.
7. Start-stop technology: infrared devices with automatic start-stop technology.
8. Adjust the alarm sounds arbitrarily.
9. Adjust the working frequency automatically or manually.
10. Detection Technology: Even detection technology, no blind spot.
11. Professional detection process: built in 72 different detection occasions(providing upgrade services).
12. Security level:100 security levels.
13. Detection sensitivity of each zone: From 0 to 255 level.
14. Multi-alarm sounds to choose-to fit different applications.
15. Statistics: Record the pass and alarm numbers
16. Query function: The system has real-time information query function.
17. Intelligent Standby: The system has intelligent standby operation alerts.
18. Working Standby:16 high-brightness LED indicator on.
19. Detection speed: more than 60-150 people pass and detect in 1 minute.
7-inch HDMI LCD touch screen:
High-strength plastic beams (length can be customized) :
More customized functions: (Optional)
2280x700x290mm Package size:
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