Bluetooth smartcard & magnetic card reader
สำหรับอ่านบัตรประชาชน , บัตรเครดิต , บัตร Magnetic
รองรับ Android ,iOS , Windows

Main features
• Support iOS, Android systems
• Manual-insertion type reader
• ISO 7810 ~ 7813 triple-track conformance
• ISO7816 compliance
• EMV Contact L1 and L2 compliant
• Support 3DES encryption and DUKPT key management
• Micro-USB port for charging
• Mobile magnetic card reader
• USB 2.0 compatible with USB 1.1
• Support EMV specification
• Support the Universal Serial Bus Specification, version 1.1.
• Based on ISO/IEC 7816 implementation
• Support PC Smart Card industry standard – PC/SC 1.0
• Support Microsoft Smart Card for Windows
• Meet Microsoft WHQL USB Smart Card Reader requirements
• Include WDM driver to work on Windows 98 and Windows 2000
• Support T0, T1 protocol, I2C memory card, SLE4418, SLE4442, AT88SC1608 and AT45D041 card
• Max. Clock Frequency up to 12 MHz
• Dedicated as an USB full speed device with bulk transfer endpoint
• Based on USB-CCID class, short APDU level
• Compatible with Microsoft USB-CCID driver
• Support 3V/5V/1.8V
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