Mythware Language Lab/ Sound Lab

Mythware Language Lab/ Sound Lab is the most popular Computer-Assisted Language Lab/ Sound Lab system. With Mythware Language Lab, the teacher can train and evaluate the skills of listening, speaking, reading, writing and interpreting of students. It simulates traditional classroom teaching process, providing functionality support for teacher to complete the classroom teaching tasks easily and efficiently.

Mythware Language Lab/ Sound Lab uses breakthrough technology of combining software and hardware, which keeps the advantages of both software and hardware language lab/ Sound Lab. Specifically, it not only keeps the advantages of perfect sound quality, low delays and high transmission efficiency as hardware language lab, but also keeps the advantages of low cost and easy to maintain as software language lab/ Sound Lab. Besides, Mythware Language Lab/ Sound Lab has supported all kinds of Windows operation systems. And it also has good compatibility and stability that can be run with others software at the same time and make sure the long time teaching process.
Main Features
Class View Management
 Create, import and export class view by teacher.
 Zoom in or zoom out student icon in class view. Sort the student icon.
 Set seat table in a variety way and verify the seat number.
 Check the computer's information of students Such as computer name, IP address, MAC address, audio device, CPU usage, group information, and so on.
Class Management
 Power on/shut down all student computers from the teacher PC.
 Begin or stop class by only one click.
 Sign in before class begin and export sign-in information.
 Blank student screens to gain attention.
 Set web policy, application policy and USB disk policy to students.
 Monitor/Control the student's computer
 Students can request for help during class.
File Management
 Teacher can distribute files to students and set the folder path of students' computers to save the files.
 Students can submit files to the teacher during class.
 Teacher can collect the specified files from students' computers at any time.
Device Management
 One-click detecting voice device.
 Live broadcast repeater and external device.
 Set policy to use USB disk.
 Side tone to the voice of microphone.

Dual monitor training
 Display software in one monitor and execute other operations in another monitor.
Broadcast Teaching
 Broadcast voice and screen of teacher to the students.
 Invite students to speak, talk with students and monitor voice of microphone and computer of students.
 Support the switch between window and full screen.
 Watch the image of students by camera.
 Connect external device by video capture card, and live broadcast the voice and image.
 Teacher can record local voice and student voice, and students can record local voice.
 Add comments by screen pen during class.
Oral Training
 Support reading-after practice and repeat training.
 Broadcast the image and voice of external device when launching reading-after practice.
 Transfer the image of repeater courseware to students via streaming media technology.
 Hide or display the subtitle of courseware, adjust subtitle alignment, adjust font size and select sentences.
 Invite one or more students to speak when oral training.
 Talk with one or more students when oral training.
 Monitor one or more students' voice when oral training.
 Set repetition mode, record read-after voice of students while playing media file and make a comparison.
Interactive Teaching
 Launch a test, quick response or competition during class.
 Launch simultaneous interpretation for translation training.
 Group students, specify group leader and set the functions limit of the leader for the group teaching or group chat.
 Support kinds of communication methods, including messages, emoticons, pictures, hand-writing and voice in chat.
 Students can choose the topic they are interested in to chat in topic chat.
 Teacher can choose one student to demonstrate his screen to the others students.
 Play media file or live broadcast external device to one or more students via net movie.
 Students can command the courseware after class.

Oral Test
 Launch an oral test to one or more students.
 Test the loudspeaker and microphone before quiz, and display the name and state of students at the same time.
 Support registration, and students need to submit related information before oral test.
 Teacher screen displays student list, student state, test schedule and remaining time.
 The test result of each student will be recorded into a single file and submit to the specified folder set by the teacher.
 Support group recording.
 Support oral interpretation and TEM.
Standard Quiz
 Support kinds of different question types.
 Teacher can pause, suspend and resume the quiz.
 Students can continue the quiz after reconnection.
 Teacher can broadcast audio or video file during quiz and set timing-play.
 Teacher can set quiz time, quiz zoom scale and A/B paper option disorder.
 Display student list, remaining time and student state when quiz.
 Support media play, and teacher can set the time playing media by themselves.
 Collect the quiz paper automatically after quiz ends, and teacher can collect the quiz paper ahead of time.
 Teacher can grade the quiz paper directly after collecting all the papers.
 Teacher can add comments to each question and then send results to the students in the form of HTML.
 Support quiz statistics, teacher can check the information of question list, student score and statistical graph.
 Use answer sheet to launch a quick test to one or more students.
 Support two different kinds of answer sheet: quick answer sheet and custom answer sheet.
 Answer sheet supports five different kinds of questions: multi-choice question, true or false question, fill-in-blank question, essay question and oral question.
 Set correct answers to the objective questions when editing answer sheet.
 Teacher can stop or start a test at any time.
 Support test view, teacher can check student state, answer schedule and history test record in test view.
 Get accurate rate of the questions that set correct answer immediately.
 Launch a survey to one or more students.
 Support multi-choice question and true or false question.
 Teacher can insert pictures and set correct answer to each question.
 Display the result in the form of histogram.
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